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Tí, at its core, embodies culture and family. It embraces the very fundamentals of our roots and takes us back to a familiar place teeming with nostalgia of how we and previous generations were brought up: waking up in the morning to a bustling kitchen, parents getting ready for work, siblings getting ready for school, and the nutty smell of freshly brewed coffee enveloping the room in warmth; or, winding down after a long day along the boisterous streets of Vietnam with a loaf of French bread and a slow-drip coffee waiting to be served over ice.

But what did we all have in common from the start? Community, whether that’s within family, chosen or by blood, friends, or the security of culture that gives us a sense of belonging even on foreign ground in a city a thousand miles away because home isn't always a place.


To some, it's a cup of coffee that smells like Saigon.

As a coffee shop, Tí hopes to offer that sense of community, a place that gives everyone a chance to connect over a single common interest, coffee, while nurturing individuality within a shared space. Beyond just being a common pastime, coffee is a lifestyle, a universal concept that allows drinkers all over the world to experience things beyond their taste buds. Every good cup of coffee is enriched by the process for which it’s served that is unique to each region of the world. And here at Tí, we're a cup of heritage that begins in Vietnam and leaves off in Denver.

From our family to yours,

Tí Cafe

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